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Christian Record Annual Day of Giving

Donate: Give Joy!

Celebrating 120 years!

The following two files are to be used in PowerPoint, and PowerPoint-like, "slide shows." For instance, before a service begins at a camp meeting and you want to provide information about North America Division ministries.

A Letter From the President (Download & Print)

Videos (View. Download & Play)

For information about the difference between the video file types   CLICK HERE   If you are unable to download one of the files provided above and "burn" it to a DVD or save it on a "thumb disk" we can mail a DVD to you. To request a DVD    CLICK HERE   

Poster (Download & Print)

Sermon (Download. Print & Audio)

"See God’s Power Unite His Church" by Dr. Ray McAllister

As requested by a survey of pastors last year, this is a 12-page prepared sermon that can be read (as a letter to a church) or played (as an audio file) by Ray McAllister, Ph.D., a Seventh-day Adventist author and scholar who tells about his experience as a blind man with love and humor. He encourages churches to accept people with all types of disabilities. Author's Bio


Bulletin Inserts (Download & Print)

Bulletin Wording (Copy & Paste)

The emphasis for the World Budget offering today is Christian Record Services, Inc. This North American Division ministry has been serving the blind community for 120 years. To all of their members, donors, volunteers, and employees, throughout the years they send a hearty "thank you." Join the community today!

Offering Call (Download & Print)

Facts & Stats

  • Click on the title to begin the download process. This is a page of facts and stats provided by the World Health Organization. The charts below are from the U.S. National Institute of Health's most currently provided information from 2010.

Your gifts bring joy to people who are blind. Donate now.