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Senior Staff, Board, Employees

Christian Record Services, Inc. Senior Staff

Diane Thurber, CRS President

Diane Thurber, President

Diane Thurber carries out the directives of the Board of Directors and oversees the administration, programs, and strategic plans of the ministry of Christian Record Services, Inc. to ensure its mission is achieved. She also serves on a variety of committees to provide counsel to and support for initiatives of other ministries that are dedicated to empowering people who are abled differently or have special needs.

When not in the office, Diane enjoys traveling with her family and learning more about other cultures. Her travels have taken her around the globe where she has seen firsthand the miraculous transformation that can occur by providing access to literature and extending compassion to those often marginalized. Additional interests include playing the piano and flute and trying to keep her ball out of sand traps and water hazards when playing a round of golf with her husband Gary.

Lonnie Kreiter, VP for Finance

Lonnie Kreiter, VP for Finance

Lonnie Kreiter is responsible for the financial administration, certain human resources, and internal management functions for Christian Record Services. The organization is audited not once, but twice, each year. We take seriously our fiscal responsibility to our members and donors. 

When not in the office, Lonnie enjoys traveling, physical fitness activities, and being outdoors. He is also an "all things motorized" enthusiast, which includes water sports: water skiing, wakeboarding, and boating in general. 

Christian Record Services, Inc. Board of Directors

Name Years
G. Alexander Bryant, Chair 5 years
Elaine Hagele, Vice Chair 16 years
Kyoshin Ahn, Vice Chair 1 year
Diane Thurber, Secretary 5 years
Tony Anobile 3 years
Al Burdick 11 years
Dan Carlson 11 years
James McArthur 41 years
Matthew Orian 4 years
Randy Robinson 2 year
Larry Romrell 4 years
Vinita Sauder 6 years
Dexter Thomas 4 years
Topher Thompson 6 years
Gary Thurber 11 years
Deborah Whitfield < 1 year
William L. Wood 19 years
Minner Labrador < 1 year

Christian Record Services, Inc. Staff

Marci Baker, Assistant Director of Mission Advancement

If you are a donor, you may know Marci. Marci stewards the gifts Christian Record Services receives from nearly 7,000 donors each year. Marci makes sure to acknowledge donors for their kind support promptly. When the workday is complete, Marci likes to read, watch old movies, sew, bake, and spend time with her family. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day for all the things Marci likes to do.

Taumi Baker, Graphic Designer / Project Manager

Taumi is a graphic designer and project manager. She designs many of the printed materials that Christian Record Services produces for its members and the public, including books, magazines, calendars, marketing materials, and more. When not at work she enjoys cooking, art history, sunshine, reading, all things design, and party decorating.

Brian Carlson, Digital Media Manager

Brian pairs his skills in communication with a long-time passion for technology to guide the internal and external communication for Christian Record Services. From generating awareness via social media posts, press releases, content for the website, and communication strategies with members and supporters throughout North America and the world, he works to tell the story of Christian Record Services and the array of programs and services offered to members. When not in the office, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, coaching basketball, running every day, and writing.

Richard Clark Jr., Assistant Editor / Bible School Coordinator

Christian Record Services produces several magazines, two of which are produced by Richard each quarter. Christian Record and The Children's Friend are both offered in braille. He also edits other materials produced by Christian Record Services.  He also coordinates the Bible correspondence school. When not a wordsmith or teacher, Richard likes to spend time outdoors. His favorite activities are to watch wildlife and grow a simple garden of edibles and ornamentals.

Kalvin Follett, Director of Member Services and Studio

Christian Record Services launched an online library in 2017 that currently holds around 1,600 titles. Some books can be listened to immediately or downloaded to members' devices and read in large print or electronic braille. Kalvin and his team review and add to the library popular new titles every month. He also produces audiobooks and magazines and oversees the team that distributes all printed materials. When he is not in the office, Kalvin enjoys running, biking, and walking the many trails in Lincoln. He and his family enjoy vacations that often include camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Joshua Kittleson,  Assistant Director of Member Services and Studio

As assistant director, Kittleson will continue to support members who call daily, collaborate with the department director to refine and implement service level standards for high member satisfaction, help maintain the member database and online library, produce audio projects, and conduct research and assessment for Member Services and the ministry’s PhoneFaith daily call-in program for people who are blind. When not at work, Joshua is involved at his church as a Pathfinder youth group leader, and he enjoys miniature photography.

Sydney Leffler, Associate Treasurer

Sydney works closely with the Vice President for Finance to prepare and evaluate the financial records for Christian Record Services. Every donation, grant, expenditure, is carefully coded and processed. She processes payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivables for the organization. When not in the office, Sydney enjoys spending time with her husband and playing the piano; most recently, she's been working to master the first of Gershwin's "Three Preludes."

Kristine Lemons, Director of Mission Advancement

Kristine leads out in the overall fundraising and communication efforts for Christian Record Services, to share more information about our mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who are blind. All of our programs for the blind are free to our members, including summer camps, magazines, Bible studies, Bibles, and an online library with more than 1,600 books. None of this would be possible without the generous donations given by people who care! When not in the office, Kristine enjoys spending time with her husband and son, planning local outings and her next DIY project, and laughing at the antics of their cat and dog.

Jeri Lyn Rogge, Director of Editorial and Outreach Ministries

Jeri Lyn gives oversight to a ministry team that produces magazines in large print, braille, and audio for people who are blind. She also coordinates partnerships with camp directors across the United States for National Camps for Blind Children. She also chairs the PhoneFaith Advisory.  When not in the office, she enjoys volunteering, assembling jigsaw puzzles, and spending time with her family. 

Leanora Ruff, PhoneFaith Coordinator

Leanora incorporates listening, learning, understanding, and application as core, foundational tools in the PhoneFaith ministry. She is passionate about bridging gaps that if otherwise ignored would suppress advocacy, empowerment, self-worth, nurtured accountability, and selflessness. She helps others pursue spiritual and personal goals through inspired messages of hope from a community network of subject matter experts. Leanora enjoys writing poetry, speaking to groups,  interacting with others, and testifying of God's hand in her life.

Yohanna Santana Treche, Member Services Liaison/Spanish Services

Yohanna has enjoyed helping people her whole life and now that ministry includes supporting Hispanic members with library services. She helps maintain the member database and lending library of digital cartridges. Yohanna efficiently distributes requests to members for resources as they are available. She also translates documents and media for other staff from English to Spanish and is responsible for coordinating the production of the quarterly El Centinela audio magazine. When not at work, Yohanna enjoys music, spending time fishing with her father, and visiting new places.

Dennis Tejada, Braille and Print Manager

He oversees and processes braille embossing and print projects and provides a variety of other support services for the ministry to help achieve its mission to “empower people who are blind to engage their communities and embrace the Blessed Hope.” With his background in IT, Tejada also helps troubleshoot issues that arise with office equipment.  When not keeping things on track here, he is busy participating in activities for his church and community.